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The Plot Plunger
Stumped? Blocked? Clogged? Dare We Ask... Bunged-Up?

Want to submit a story to
Air Out My Shorts, but simply cannot think of a damned thing to write about?
The AoMS Plot Plunger can help you work it out!
OMG, That's So Predictable
Give Me Another...
is made possible by listeners like you! Your shorts (800 words or less) and your donations, are deeply appreciated.

Join podshow hosts Preston Buttons & The Word Whore
as they clumsily narrate their way through submitted works of Short Fiction: often absentmindedly, always drunkenly, and completely unencumbered by any relevant credentials.

If you are looking for a serious literary discussion,
you’ll just have to keep right on looking.

Though each episode of Air Out My Shorts will make a somewhat valiant attempt to present a short work of original fiction, Buttons & The Whore are a FAR CRY from talented narrators -- let alone knowledgable literary critics. This free-form podshow is intended only in good ALTERNATIVE UNCENSORED fun and will not be appropriate
for all listeners OR aspiring authors.
1.305.76.SHOWS feed://feeds.feedburner.com/AirOutMyShorts